Cutorama offers a verity of Industry 4.0 services ranging from 3D CNC Milling to system design to industrial integration. We internally as a manufacturing vendor are working on relying less on people doing the execution and more on people focusing energy towards analysis and creativity. The future jobs of the future in most industries will be high tech well paid positions like IIoT infrastructure management and operations analysis. Mundane jobs such as material management or operating a machine will give way to intelligent automation as the smart factories emerge. Working though this with our own on demand micro-factory is honing skills we would love to share with other small manufactures to help them produce more efficiently.

We Are Competent Machine Designers / Machine Builders
Designing and building our own machines are a necessity in being an agile digital fabricator.

We Are Micro-Controller Enthusiasts
All of us here were part of Tinkersmiths Makerspace where we spent four years of sharing and learning knowledge during weekly electronic and micro-controller workshops. Arduino, Arduino Pro, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Adafruit Flora, Particle Photon, Teensy, and way too many more to mention have been part of our daily lives for more than a half a decade. Monitoring sensor data, then converting this information in usable forms such as alarms too presenting.

We Are Freshman Industrial Control Integrators
As we moved into professional services with the CNC we built at the Makerspace it made sense to implement a more industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) to be more compliant with manufacturing norms. Out first purchase was an Automation Direct BRX 16 channel IIoT PLC. Complete with MQTT, JSON, REST API, and general web services. This allowed us to apply our IoT skills in an IIoT environment. Using ladder logic software instead of an IDE to monitor sensors and voltages to send signals via MQTT to a broker to be presented to a home brewed human machine interface (HMI) using Node-Red turned out to be a breeze to implement.

We Are Well Seasoned Application Developers
Getting into the Web aspect of the internet early, everyone here either owned or was part of internet 1.0 since the early 90's. Then Web 2.0 in the 2000's. Wrapping up with a decade of iOS enterprise level mobile app development. From writing early custom content management systems, to JSON/Rest API's and web services to dealing with real time data structures we are well versed at many modern technologies. Coding here is as common as drinking coffee.

We Are Expert Makers Providing On-Demand Sub-Tier Small Run Manufacturing
Okay, that is a mouthful. Important points is the combinations of actual skills that make this work. Half a century of making things, combined with a concurrent quarter century as a professional technologists. Ending up with the the last six years of mastering 3D milling combined the tech skills allows us to produce some fairly impressive products or parts. More of that can be view at In closing we will gladly produce any part of your project that needs a modern interconnect IIoT based solution.

Industry 4.0 CNC Milling
Industry 4.0 / Manufacturing 4.0 IIoT CNC Milling
Industry 4.0 Prototyping Partner
Industry 4.0 Prototyping Partner : Design / Build / Datafy
Manufacturing 4.0 : Vendor Connect / Produce / Evaluate / Iterate
Manufacturing 4.0 : Connect / Produce / Evaluate / Iterate