Industrial Cutting for People, Hobbyists, Business and Manufacturing

CNC Cutting : Milling : Engraving : Turning

Cutorama offers fast, casual, friendly design and cutting services for your products or project.

CNC Routing
CNC Routing of material sheet stock up to 49"x97" of various thicknesses.
CNC Milling
CNC Milling of hardwoods, MDF, LDF, Color-Core HDF, plastic, non-ferrous metals and foam.
CNC Engraving
CNC Engraving of logos, text, patterns, architectural elements and more.
CNC Turning
CNC Lathe offers 360 degrees turning and object for multiple-sided milling or continues cylindrical cutting.
Co2 Laser Cutting
100 Watt Laser cutting of sheet stock such as baltic birch plywood, plastics or cardboard.
C02 Laser Engraving
Laser engraving for custom branded products for people, business, bands and promotional products.
We Produce Blanks

Milling of Home Goods

We produce many home lifestyle product blanks for various producers who post process the material, box, sell and ship. His is a knife block for a local kitchen ware fabricator. Let us cut your product goods.

Milling of Home Goods
Serving Tray Blank

Serving Tray Blanks

We mill a verity of hardwood serving tray blanks for various companies who product kitchen products.

Serving Tray Blanks
Laminate Shapes

Laminate Shapes for Custom Projects

When making a custom project or product Cutorama can cut various materials which can be difficult to do with traditional cutting tools. Our CNC machines make production and replication a lot easier.

Laminate Shapes for Custom Projects
Got a Project ?

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CNC cutting sheet stock such as plywood, MDF, LDF, HDF, HDPE, plastic and non-ferrous metals.
CNC milling 3D objects in hardwoods, plastics and a verity of cubical or cylindrical materials.
CNC engraving for brand products, personalized objects or even gifts.
CNC turning with a 4th axis gantry machine or CNC lathe. Can be milled facets or continues profiles.
Plasma cutting is optimal for shapes in metal sheet stock. This can be ferrous or non-ferrous metals. For project parts, auto parts and signs.
High powered Co2 lasers are optimal for cutting sheet stock 0.25" or thinner. Such as plastics, baltic birch plywood and cardboard. Used for smaller projects. Cuts faster than a Spindle based CNC machine.