First and foremost we are here to help people and business by cutting simple to complex parts for their projects.
Cutorama offers fast, casual, friendly CNC milling and Laser cutting services for your products or project. From the small one-off simple part to an order of 500 units of small run manufacturing. We believe that all work is honorable. Much of our customers simply need an industry 3.0 offering of do me thing X for price Y. For those folks keep bringing it on. We regularly CNC mill finish sheet stock for custom cabinetry such as pre-finished plywood, MDF and composites. Cutting shapes in plastic, non-ferrous metal, cardboard and foam for a verity of personal and professional projects.

What is an industry 4.0 CNC milling solution even mean?
Working towards us being a vendor in your value chain that will digitize, interconnect, and share production data in realtime for you (or us) to analyze. In our minds that means we mploy computer controlled machines to cut shapes or parts while additionally additionally providing data and metrics with the prototype or production run. Our custom designed IIoT enabled machinery can provide various metrics about your milling process. Data consumed for anything from machine learning process optimization to better adjust the design for materials and manufacturing efficiency to cost to market predictions. For the more complex manufacturers that need an industry 4.0 solution we are working towards fulfilling those requests.

What We Can Do For You
If we may interject a smidgeon of jocularity into this heavy tech speak - we are making some of this up as we go! Modern manufacturing is changing as rapidly as the arrival of HTTP/Web and mobile technologies. Everyone here owned or was part of internet 1.0 and iOS app development businesses from the beginning. So discovering new opportunities with little prior reference does not mean we unclear about what we are doing. We are just mature enough to know the future will fork on almost and daily bases and so will your and our opportunities. Emerging markets are built on an eagerness to explore. Let us be clear we thrive in environments moving fast into new manufacturing challenges. Check out our services deep dive for more. Reach out and let us know your story and will will present how our skills and empower you to leverage an industry 4.0 methodology to increase your efficiency. If you are a one person shop who just wants to stop and start a CNC or other machine from home we will gladly assist.